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Yanna: A Guide Dog on Duty

Guest Blog: By Arlene Ahl With her soft tawny hair and her deep brown eyes with long, curly lashes, everyone says that Yanna is a real beauty. But Yanna is a real hard worker, too. She is dedicated, always alert and proud of what she does. Yanna is my Seeing Eye guide dog. She was born at The Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ. Her first year was spent with a dog raiser family, where she learned basic obedience and was exposed to all kinds of people and situations. Then she returned to The Seeing Eye, where she worked with a trainer to learn all the things she would need to know to safely guide a blind person. Finally, Yanna and I met to begin our journey to being a team. With Yanna by my side, I can travel independently through the world. She guides me around obstacles and stops at every street crossing. She is ready to alert me to any danger in my path. Yanna is confident and happy when she is working! When off-duty, she is a rollicking girl, playing with her toys, chasing balls in the yard, or just napping on the couch. She is always ready for cuddles, too. Yanna is a wonderful gift to the world of blind people, and especially a wonderful gift for me!

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