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  • Ben Walz

Penguins are the best

Penguins are one of my favorite animals for a reason. I love penguins because they are unique in lots of ways. They are flightless birds but one of the best swimmers in the world. They can hold their breath for much longer than us humans.

Here’s what else I know about penguins. They:

- Have an average weight range of 2-88 pounds;

- Have an average life span of 15- 20 years;

- Are carnivores who fish;

- Have an average size of 16-45 inches tall;

- And live in groups called colonies.

The main reason I chose penguins for a topic is that at least four of the 18 species of penguins are endangered, including the little Penguin, the King Penguin, the Adélie Penguin, and the African Penguin. One reason they're endangered is their habitat is slowly melting away due to global warming.

Photo by Paul Carroll on Unsplash

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