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Top 10 Best Spots to Hide Easter Eggs

Have your parents ever made it too easy to find Easter eggs? Do you want more of a challenge? Well, then ask them to read this article for the 5 best indoor and 5 best outdoor places to hide your Easter eggs.


1. Lamps and Candles

If you want to put an Easter egg in a lamp, you have to find a lamp that has a hole at the top which faces upward and a surface that will prevent the egg from falling out of the lamp. Make sure the lamp shade is hard to see-through. For the candle, put the egg inside. You will want to use a big candle that has melted some inside and is not see-through. Make sure that the egg is low enough so the people who you are hiding the eggs from can’t see into the candle or lamp, but high enough so the people who you are hiding the eggs from can still grab the egg. Also, make sure no one turns on the lamp or lights the candle because it’s a potential fire hazard.

2. Pencil Holder or Similar Storage Container

The first step is to find a container you use to hold pencils, pens or other coloring supplies. Make sure it is both large enough to hold an egg and create a wall of pencils around the outside edge of the cup, surrounding the egg. It is important the container is not see-through. To create a challenge for your kids, put the container high enough so that they can’t see inside, but low enough to safely reach it. We don’t want kids to stand up on stools or chairs if it’s not safe for them.

3. School or Work Binder

Most kids and adults have big binders at home, but they don’t want to do school or work projects during Easter! That means these binders are great hiding places for eggs, the bigger the binder, the better. Make sure you leave the binder where it belongs so kids don’t get suspicious.

4. Stuffed Animals

When your kids wake up Easter morning, they probably immediately wake up you (their parents) or meet up with you and their siblings. This effect likely makes them not notice small things in their bedroom. So it is a great idea to hide Easter eggs in a bedroom. A good spot to hide an Easter egg would be behind a stuffed animal. Make sure the person you’re hiding it from doesn't carry around stuffed animals. If they do, hide it behind their least favorite stuffed animal.

5. The Refrigerator

One place that no kid would guess to look would be in the refrigerator behind a food. Make sure you put the Easter egg behind something kids don’t like. Make sure you put the Easter egg behind something that isn’t clear. Also make sure to not put the Easter egg behind something that you’ll use on Easter morning.



1. Inside the Grill

Make sure nobody plans to make breakfast on the grill first. You want it to be stone cold. And if you don’t want to gross out your kid, either clean the grill first or tape it someplace where it won’t get black and disgusting.

2. Behind the Door of a Playhouse, Tree Fort or Garage

If you want to be super tricky, you could tape it to the top of the back of the door.

3. Behind a Shrub or Bush

This is a version of a classic hiding spot for Easter eggs. But instead of placing the egg under the bush or shrub, we suggest placing it behind the bush or shrub. This works especially well if the bush or shrub backs up to a wall. For safety, be sure the bush or shrub does not have thorns or other prickles.

4. Inside the Mailbox

DANGER: If your mailbox is across the road, this is too dangerous unless your kids are old enough to cross the road by themselves. Also, you can put it an envelope or small box in the mailbox for an extra joke.

5. Hang the Egg from a Tree

It will be important that it is hanging low enough for your child to reach it from the ground. For a more challenging experience, hang it behind the tree. Make sure your pets can’t reach the eggs. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs.

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