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Funniest News Stories

Dog broke into couple’s house

When a dog runs away from its owner, it breaks into a couple’s house in Tennessee and snuggles next to them. When the couple wakes up to find a dog wedged between them, they post photos of the dog on Facebook. The owner later finds the Facebook post and takes their dog back. The name of the dog is Nala.

Man throws a piece of cake at the Mona Lisa

A man dressed as a woman in a wheelchair was detained after throwing and smearing cake over the Mona Lisa’s protective glass. The man later said: “All the artists tell you to think about the Earth. All artists think about the Earth. That's why I did this. Think about the planet.” This guy was later sent to a person in the psychiatric field for help.

Police get thwarted by goat

A goat refuses to come down from the roof of a house in Gresham, Oregon. Police try to get the goat down. Neighbors say that the goat will charge you and that the goat only listens to one man. They finally get the goat down once the owner of the goat comes back. They later find out the goat had climbed up a ramp and onto the house.

Police warn people to not shoot at Hurricane Irma

First of all, it is common sense not to shoot at a storm. You’re not going to affect it. Second, if you shoot at the hurricane, it could hit a person or animal or even it could hit you. Even though it’s common sense, someone still posted on Facebook that people should shoot at Hurricane Irma, which caused the police to warn people: "PLEASE DON'T SHOOT AT STORMS. You are putting lives on the line and being generally stupid." The police didn’t say that last part. That was me.

Sleepy driver crashes into mattress store

When you’re sleepy, drivers, you may feel like crashing into the nearest bed. Well, this driver took it to heart. After her 13-hour shift, she crashed into the mattress store. The lady had no injuries. But the question is: “Will she take the charges for the big hole she made in the wall?” In the crash, no mattresses were harmed.

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