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3 lost ships that were never found

There are many shipwrecks that were never found, but here are three that are the most famous and remain the biggest mysteries.

1. The Merchant Royal

You might be wondering why the Merchant Royal is such a famous ship. Well, the next sentence will tell you why. The Merchant Royal had 100,000 pounds of gold and 400 bricks of mexican silver, which adds up to a total worth of $1.3 billion. It sank in 1940. The anchor was all that was found. A fisherman discovered it when his line got stuck on the anchor.

2. USS Cyclop

One thing you might be wondering about is why the USS Cyclops is so famous. The answer is it was one of the many ships that sunk in the Bermuda Triangle. In World War One, the USS Cyclops was used to transport troops. It was also used for delivering coal to be used by other ships. Its last mission was to transport ore to be used in steelmaking from Brazil to Baltimore. The USS Cyclops had more than 300 Navy crew on the ship. And weird enough, the ship did not even send an SOS.

3. Flor de la Mar

You might be wondering why this ship is so special. Let me tell you. The ship is a treasure hunter’s dreams with cargo worth about $3 billion. Flor de la Mar translates to the flower of the sea. Flor de la Mar was not only used for trading, but it was also used for war. Flor de la Mar was built in Lisbon in 1502. It disappeared when sailing from Malacca to Portugal to deliver treasure that was a tribute from the King of Siam to the Portugese king.

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